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Our Company is aligning with the following responsibilities:

  1. Sales, supplies and distribution of all best quality, durable, reliable and affordable medical, laboratory and scientific equipment, disposables, reagents and consumables to reputable Medical Institutions, Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Scientific research centers within and outside Nigeria.
  2. Consultancy Services: We offer medical consultancy services as regards the kind of medical structures, designs, and building, environment that best suits a medical centre, the right equipment and budget allocations for any given projects.

III. Installation, Advance Training and Maintenance: We take responsibilities of installing all the medical equipment we supply to any of our customers. The advance training varies, we train based on the use and maintenance of the equipment. We also perform a routine maintenance to make sure all our equipment is in optimum and best performance.

  1. After-sales Services: We repair and maintained all medical equipment, whether the ones supplied by us or the ones acquired from other vendors. This service is the very bedrock and foundation of our business.

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