What you need to know

    AMP Platos R II

    Fully automated microplate reader


    AMP Platos R II is a new generation of fully automated microplate reader utilizing mono-chromatic LEDs as light source, which makes the instrument maintenance-free. The huge memory for test protocols and the clearly structured software makes processing of microplate based ELISA tests simple and efficient in any field of application.

    • Monochromatic LEDs with a minimum lifetime of 100.000 hours
    • 4 standard wave lengths (405, 450, 492 and 630 nm)
    • 200 parameter protocols in memory, easily adjustable
    • 1,000 patients and up to 100,000 results in memory
    • 8 different modes of calibration
    • Mixing at three different speed levels, programmable timing
    • Reading of 96-well plate in less than 6 seconds
    • 7″ TFT screen, optionally with touch-screen, built-in thermo-printer