Human Skeletal System

Therapeutic Equipment

Surgical Instruments: Scalpel, surgical scissors, Forceps, Hemostats, Needle Holder, Retractors, Surgical Sutures, Tissue Forceps, Surgical Drapes, Surgical probe, Bone saw, Trocar and Cannula, Surgical Stapler, Surgical Curettes, Ligature Device, Surgical Drill, Surgical Suction Device, Speculum, Cautery Pen, Surgical Needle, Dressing Forceps, Surgical Mallet, Rongeur, Surgical Rasp, Surgical Elevator, Surgical Tourniquet, Gigli Saw, Surgical Chisel, Rib Spreader, Surgical Retractor System, and Electrocautery Device.
Life Support Equipment: Ventilators, Dialysis machines, Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator, Infusion Pumps, Pulse Oximeter, Vital sign monitor, Patient monitor, Suction Machine, and Apnea Monitors.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation equipment can encompass a wide range of tools and devices used to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals following injury or illness. Here’s a varied list of common rehabilitation equipment:
Therapeutic Exercise Equipment: Resistance bands, Hand weights, Therabands, Balance boards, Stability balls, and Pulleys and cables.
Mobility Aids: Walkers, Canes, Crutches, Wheelchairs (manual and electric), and Rollators.
Orthotic Devices: Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO), Knee braces, Back braces, Splints, and Compression garments.
Assistive Devices: Reachers/grabbers, Adaptive utensils, Button hooks, Shoehorns, and Sock aids.
Pain Management Devices: TENS units, Heating pads, and Cold therapy devices.
Gait Training Equipment: Parallel bars, Gait belts, and Treadmills with handrails.
Cognitive Rehabilitation Tools: Memory aids, Visual aids, and Cognitive therapy software.
Hydrotherapy Equipment: Aquatic treadmills, underwater bikes, and Water exercise equipment.
Physiotherapy Equipment: Ultrasound machines, Electrical stimulation devices, Heat and cold therapy units, and Traction equipment
Functional Training Equipment: Staircases with handrails, Climbing walls, and Weight machines.
This non-exhaustive list can vary depending on specific rehabilitation needs and practices. You can always consult us, for your professional healthcare or rehabilitation equipment, to determine the most suitable equipment for individual or facility needs.

Disposable & Point-of-care Medical Supplies

Syringes and Needles, masks and face shields, Gloves and Gowns, Bandages and Dressings, Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs and mobility Aids, IV Stands, Testing strips or cassettes, and infusion pumps.

Photo Of CT Scan Medical Equipment
Computed Tomography Scan

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