What you need to know

    300mA Stationary X-ray Machine

    Medical diagnosis X-ray Machine has, High frequency, high voltage generator, Microcomputer console, X-ray tube assembly, X-ray tube, Collimator, Radiography Table, Vertical Bucky stand

    • Bucky-stand Grid: 15×18
    • Radiography Table Grid: 15×18
    • High visual and operational console
    • Anode rotation speed: 2800 rpm
      • Anode heat capacity100kJ
      • Cassette Size5×7"~17×17
      • Vertical stroke: the minimum distance from the top of the cassette is not more than 580mm, and the stroke is not less than 1360mm;
      • Radiography size5×7"(12.7cm×17.8cm);8×10"(20.3cm×25.4cm);10×12"(25.4cm×30.5cm);11×14"(28.0cm×35.6cm);14×14"(35.6cm×35.6cm14×17"(35.6cm×43.2cm);14×17"(43.2cm×43.2cm)
      • Tube current nominal electric power adjustment range10mA320mA , 14 steps
      • Tube voltage adjustment range40kV125kV one step 1kV
      • Exposure time range0.002s6.3s 2ms6300ms
      • Current time product range0.1mAs630mAs
      • Double focus: 1. Current time product range 0.6mm (small focus) /2mm (large focus)