What you need to know

    100mA Mobile X-ray Machine

    Main features:

    • Single focus, full-wave rectifier, combined X-ray generator
    • SCM control (easy to maintain and repair)
    • High visual and operational console
    • Pre-store 8 kinds of photography parameters and select, modify, store the parameters under the condition of choice Power voltage (V), photograph kilovolt (KV) infinitely variable control
    • Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit
    • Function of load chains, exposure time control, auto alarm, preheat filament, subassemblies’ temperature control, and so on.
    • Cantilever structure makes the small volume and easily moving

    Main technical data:

    • Power supply
    1. Voltage: 180-240 V
    2. Frequency: 50HZ
    3. Internal resistivity <1.0Ω
    4. Current 35A instant
    5. Rating ≥8k VA
    • Photography:
    1. Voltage: 50-90 kV
    2. Current: 16mA 32mA 63mA 100mA
    3. Time 0.08s ~6.3s
    4. X-ray tube focus 4.3mm x 4.3mm
    • Maximum remote control distance: 7m
    • Maximum height of focal spot from floor>1775 mm
    • Minimum height of focal spot from floor <480 mm
    • Columns turning angle: ±45°
    • Collimator: maximum film size at 650mm focal distance: 350 mm x 350 mm