Water Distiller

OVERVIEW What you need to know Laboratory Water Distiller Water distillers are intended for production of pure water by electrical heating distilling. It is applied in health and medicine units, chemical industries, scientific research institutions and laboratories. Advantages: – Made of high-quality stainless steel by stamping and welding – Characterized by anti-corrosion, age-resistant, easy operation, […]

Blood Bank

OVERVIEW What you need to know 120L/150L/300L Laboratory Blood Bank Refrigerator Equipment


OVERVIEW What you need to know 18L Portable Autoclave Characteristics: Fully stainless steel structure. Double scale indication pressure gauge. Electric heated Easy to operate, safe and reliable. 50L/75L/100L GIANT VERTICAL AUTOCLAVE FEATURES: VERTICAL PRESSURE STEAM STERILIZER (Digital Display Automation) Characteristics: Fully stainless high-alloy steel structure Digital display of working status, touch of key Auto discharge the […]


OVERVIEW What you need to know XC-A30 ESR Analyzer FEATURES: Features Random access Up to 30 samples can be scanned simultaneously Throughput: up to 60 samples /hour Temperature compensation refer to 18ºC according to Westergren method ESR curve display and print-out Touch screen , large LCD display Built-in internal thermal recorder  

Urine Analyzer

OVERVIEW What you need to know KU-11B URINE ANALYZER FEATURES: Cold-light source with high luminosity, long shelf life Innovative light sensor, high sensitivity Automatic calibration improves accuracy Standard RS232 interface for connect with external computer Storage of 1,000 testing results