What you need to know

    Sontu100-Polaris50E Digital Radiography System:

    SONTU100 – Polaris50E is a new sapphire design DR product. Advanced large-size A-SI complete flat panel detector, greatly improving the X-ray utilization, and enhanced output signal. The detector can be rotated, only one action can be achieved 180 degrees rotation, easy shooting special position. Some more highlights such as: green low exposure dose, excellent spatial resolution, low noise, stable performance, environmental adaptability etc. SONTU100 – Polaris50E, with high technology and elegant appearance, brings more advantages to the hospitals.

    Integrated console: Three in one, SONTU exclusive integrated console realized the rack-control, high-voltage-exposure, and voice-prompt in one console.

    Intelligent height recognition, reduces the doctor workloads

    Has the biggest size detector, adjusting SID 1.0m to 1.8 by one buttons.

    Rotatable detector, easier operation; affords high-level clinical flexibility.

    Technical Specifications:

    SONTU100-Polaris50 E DR consists of an X-ray tube, generator, column stand and digital detector. Our Polaris50 E is ideal for general radiography that can perform variety examinations chest and orthopedic, standing and weight-bearing, free examinations such as on a mobile trolley, in a wheelchair, or table-top examinations (e.g. recumbent), with enhanced image quality for all examinations with SONTU software Smart -DR™FP.

    • X-ray Tube (Toshiba Brand): Anode heat storage capacity, 230,000HU
    • Flat Panel Detector: dimension is 43cm * 43cm; Pixel size is 135µL; Spatial Resolution 3.7 lp/mm
    • Generator: Generator Frequency; 250KHz, Output, 50kw, Exposure Voltage 40kv to 150kv, 1mA to 630mA
    • Structure: Max. Patient weight 135kg, ≥180° rotation of tube around vertical axis, 110cm vertical range movement.
    • Minimum space requirements: 3m * 3m * 2.6m

    SONTU Power Solution

    • Low requirements: Only if the hospital has a socket for air conditioning, it can achieve DR shooting conditions.
    • Low cost: No need to connect three-phase electricity and voltage regulator.
    • Small size: No need to occupy additional departments, placed with the high voltage generator.
    • Flexible Configuration: A variety of standard KV values depends on your requirement, 220V, 120V, 110V, etc.
    • Multiple compatibility: It is not limited by the power grid, can achieve multiple needs of single phase electricity, two-phase electricity, three-phase electricity.